The Education of Life

1 The inspiration for this post came from sending pity to a fellow blogger whom I enjoy to follow.  He has done a more eloquently written post along the same 'negative luck' theme.  Please go visit him and tell him stories about your life… I don't know if he wants that, but at least visit … Continue reading The Education of Life

No Patience for Permanence

We watch things die.  Sometimes out of haste or impulsiveness we wish them dead right now.  It's not that most of us actually want the thing to be dead at the time, we just don't want it around us, even if it's just for a little while.  Or if it is in the process of … Continue reading No Patience for Permanence

The Extravagant Exchange Marketplace

  Sorry, I was in sort of an obnoxious and hyperbole-inducing mood.  Apologies for any offense. The Extravagant Exchange Marketplace Welcome to The Extravagant Exchange Marketplace where we provide a unique and gastronomically insightful lunch experience.  Come and experience emotional fulfillment during a lunch session.  Return in the evenings for group activity participation and skill-building … Continue reading The Extravagant Exchange Marketplace