It’s My First Post – Welcome!

Hi and welcome to It’s Not About Pickles.  Now that I’ve said that I’m wondering what exactly brought you here..?  Because what can only be more interesting than me making that my blog title is whatever people were looking for and then ended up here.  That would be interesting to know.  Potential bonding material.

So why that title?  Just because it’s not about pickles specifically.  Although since pickles made it in the title, they will inevitably be referenced in at least this post.  What’s the blog about, not quite sure really.  But I can tell you what it’s not supposed to be directly about, pickles!



5 thoughts on “It’s My First Post – Welcome!

  1. I’m here cause you followed my site. And I smiled a few times while reading your posts so I followed you back… For the record, I had a Sub Sandwhich for lunch and that it was deffinately all about the pickles.

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