Do More and List Less

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In and effort to feel prepared and get inspired I have found myself spending much more time looking and organizing rather than producing. I have shuffled ideas from one space to another. I have reordered and re-thought them. I have read the well ordered and well thought out ideas of others. Only to make me rethink my own. And then I realized. Yours are your own. Use them. Isn’t that the point? Stop stacking them and putting them away for later until they’re better or the time is right. What’s wrong with now? Getting things out now will only allow them to get better.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, I don’t have the ability to think about something in such depth that when I’m finished I am able to get it out exactly how I wish the end goal to be. The process. This, like all other things for me is a process. A process is meant to be worked through. For this it means putting it out there. So here I am, putting this out there so that I can say it’s done rather than having as another item on my to do list. “Make this post perfect” (which wasn’t actually written but somehow was said mentally) has now just been changed to “just post”. Why do we (or I…) treat some things with such scrutiny? I’d never get out of bed if I treated it the same way. I wouldn’t roll over right, or stand up good enough, or maybe I should have stretched first, or not at all, or what stretches…!?!

If you were here with me right now having a conversation I would still be somewhat cautious about what I say. But I couldn’t entirely keep myself from talking. So why keep myself from writing?

d4c **

P.S. I don’ t know the proper etiquette for citing memes and have used some that are not my own, which I obtained by googling ‘just do it memes’ to get them… If I have wronged you with my improper meme citing please send me a comment with suggestions on how to do it more appropriately.





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