Pickles Exposed!

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That was possibly the best title I will EVER come up with.  And I’m ok with that.  A more accurate title would probably be “More About Pickles”, even though it’s not about pickles (sorry that was sort of a groan moment too), but I don’t think I would have chuckled to myself as much over that.  So, back to the point, after spending sometime perusing around WordPress this week I discovered the Community Pool and Blogging U.  I spent some time trying to do some learning and making lists despite my previous post…  But!  I’m already back and posting so time well spent vs wasted.  I enjoyed skimming other new blogs, which turned into hours of reading actually, and found myself becoming a new follower to several.  It also motivated me to make another stab at some about me info.  And here it is.

Hello I’m Jenn (insert, Hiiii Jennnnnnnn mandatory ineffectual response from the groaning crowd here).  I’m blogging because I have toyed with ideas for outlets that will make me express myself and get connected to others.  I am currently very available (time-wise, not for dating) and no longer have any excuses for my 30 something self.  I am choosing the venue of a blog to find something in common and connect with others via the themes in my would-be diary.   I would like to be part of a community that is motivating, inspiring, nurturing and supportive…without forcing happiness onto me.  Forced anything is off-putting, I’m sorry, for me anyway.  I would like to improve upon my writing skills and discover a niche for myself, even if it’s as a hobbyist that a few others find moderately entertaining (I upgraded myself from mildly here…that’s commitment).

I will likely write about struggles or thoughts on themes like loneliness, illness, career and life satisfaction, as well as moments that stand out for me.  Just because they aren’t likely titles in your next ‘Guide to Happiness’ book doesn’t mean they might not be hopeful.  I would like to be able to use humor (if available to me), explore writing projects, dabble with photography perhaps, or just post shoddy drawings.  But most of all tell stories, make people laugh, think, smile and relate when they read something.    My level of comfort will determine my level of sharing.  Not that I’m that big of a deal, I’m just a private person like a lot of the other introverts on here who gain comfort from some anonymity.

Not much different, slightly less vague perhaps.  That’s the best I can do for now.  Blogging is so much easier in my head.





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