Making a Decision, or Just Convincing Yourself?

When you think too much about thinking about why you don’t do what you’re thinking about…

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Why do some decisions seem so much harder and take longer to make than others? I’m sure the answer to that has a whole lot of “it depends” in it. But, for those decisions that others know how to make in an instant, what’s the hold up for you? Is it because you’ve already decided and now are spending time trying to convince yourself a better alternative exists? Perhaps to better suit expectations of someone else? Not necessarily on purpose.

If the situation in question was a problem for you, would you have already done something about it? Or is this too straightforward? Does that depend on your set of internal factors and external pressures? Or if you really wanted to, would you have just found a way? I’m not negating insurmountable odds here, but sometimes, does that just come down to timing?

How do you realize what your convictions are? How do you get in touch with yourself enough to recognize and label them so you know how they influence your abilities to make decisions? How do you let yourself be ok with listening to them and sometimes going against what’s expected? Or, how do you stop spending so much time analyzing and over-complicating your thinking and just make a decision already… because if you were honest with yourself, you knew what you wanted to do all along. Then you decided to start trying to convince yourself otherwise.

And now you’ve sufficiently philosophized your own procrastination. And now you have to finally decide what it is you’ll be making for lunch…if you can’t convince yourself to eat what’s available that is…






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