The Feline Files – A Shadowy Visitor


“I knew something was off”.  I said it out loud without even realizing.  The doorbell rang again.  My day’s schedule and therefore my entire life has been interrupted.  Before I could gain control over myself I look every which way possible as fast as I can.  I try to fight off the internal sense of panic I’m feeling and decide to run downstairs to the door.  Right to the source.  They don’t know I’m here, whoever ‘they’ are.  Despite my best efforts not to, I look for Diesel, support in numbers.  Where is he?  I consider calling out to him before I see the shadow hover over the frosted window on the door.

I see what looks like a hand affix something to the window before the shadow fades away.  Next I hear what sounds like a door shut to one of those motorized human vehicles.  A moment passes before an engine starts up, and then I run upstairs to the window to see a large truck drive away.  That was close.  There’s that tickle again and I need to settle this fur down.  I’m licking as furiously as I possibly can and I still can’t get the fur on my back exactly how I need it, flat and in the same orientation.  I twitch and jump.  This is infuriating.  Where the hell is Diesel?

“Diesel?”  I call out.  I can’t help it, I have to know where he is now.  “Diesel?…”  Still nothing.  Maybe the shadowy assailant cat-napped him and left a ransom note.  No, that’s just not logical.  He was just in the dining room having a bath before the doorbell rang.  And why would they ring the doorbell if they were able to get in and take him?  Now I’m losing it.  Considering such erroneous conclusions.  I never do well with stress.  Pull yourself together Harley.  I would obviously have more worth as a target if they wanted ransom.  I hear rustling in the bathroom and decide to make my way down the hall.

“Diesel is that you?”  I say softly as I peek my head around the bathroom door.  “Yeah…”  He replies, showing his senior age as he climbs over the ledge of the bathtub from behind the shower curtain.  Buffoon.  He sought refuge in the bathtub.  “What do you think that was about?”  I appreciate that he assumes I would have the answer, but still can’t help but feel annoyed anytime he talks to me.  “I’m not sure, but they left something on the outside of the door.  We’ll have to wait until the humans return to find out since we have no access to the outside.”

This actually brings me a sense of relief that I won’t admit.  The humans may not have my intellect, but they outsize me.  With their brute stature and my cunning we could easily defend this territory against that shadowy figure.  I’ll have to devise some way to instruct them.


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