Bi-Weekly Observations

I haven’t stuck to my self-imposed discipline guns and posted a standard type of post each week to help me figure out what kinds of things I will end up putting here.  So, here I am trying to redeem myself by doing one to cover last week and this week combined.  Even with my seemingly wide open schedule of availability I have easily given in to distractions either internal or external.  Hopefully as I continue to acknowledge their existence I can learn how to use them to my advantage for material.  So here goes.

13 Things I’ve noticed in the last 2 weeks:

  • Juicing a lemon with forgotten paper cuts can really make you feel alive.
  • It’s hard not to have emotional reactions to snow in April after a few days of warm temperatures and the hopes of trees budding.
  • One of my cats likely has either a panic or compulsive disorder.  It’s hard to tell how he really feels due to the language barrier.  Maybe he carries out the compulsive behaviors as a result of the panic he feels inside, he won’t tell me.  I am currently at a lost to help him.
  • It’s hard not to have emotional reactions to insurance companies when they surprise call and grill you over the phone.  I would like other people and agencies to treat me with the same sense of urgency that they request of me.  I would like to send their requested paperwork along with a letter that says “Results due by such and such date.  If you are unable to comply please call this number XXX – XXX – XXXX and request an extension with supplemental information explaining why you are unable to meet this deadline”.  And then when/if they call just let the phone go to voicemail repeatedly and send them a reply letter saying they missed the deadline.  I would like to try this but am worried it would screw up my situation further.
  • The sound of birds outside makes me happy.  Also, I have no natural skill in determining which bird is making each sound, I call everything a finch.  Birds the size of eagles are probably not finches.  Unless it’s an eagle-finch…
  • Seeing kids riding bikes makes it feel like summer.
  • I don’t listen to music nearly as much as I’d like to.
  • I instantly want to eat ice cream, pizza, a cheeseburger, or similar when I’m stressed.
  • I am able to feel fine until I have to explain my current situation to someone else verbally.  Then the bubble has to burst reminding me of what actually is going on in life.
  • I love reading.  I love seeing how others use their writing styles to describe characters, scenes and feelings.  I like getting impressed by this.
  • I spill something on myself at least once a day.  All kinds of things.
  • I love camping and am looking forward to whatever version of it I will be doing this year.  The singing birds and brief hopeful weather triggered this.
  • I’m impressed by bloggers who have seemingly endless content within them, and their ability to channel it creatively to post good, thoughtful and interesting material on a fairly frequent basis.  Is this discipline, creative or story-telling talent, or just really regular and interesting life experiences?

Well, that’s something.  Just post I’m trying to tell myself.  The content will stem from the habit.  Happy Friday to any readers!

Smile it's friday*




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