Things I’m Grateful for This Week #2

This week I decided to do something different and follow the lead of From the Fringe with her weekly Five Things that Made Me Happy this Week posts, which you can read here.  Modified from my so far one time post of ‘Things I’m Grateful for This Week’ here’s my version of 5 things that made me happy, and I’m grateful for them.  If you’re not already familiar with From the Fringe go check her out!


  1. The pileated woodpecker not only looks exciting, it also sounds like a wild jungle bird to me.  I love him.  There’s one or two that live somewhere near my yard.  Very strict tree pecking schedule, and it/they also do a variety of interesting calls that just sort of go with it’s fancy red hair.  I’m not actually a bird person so this is just a random person’s excitement over a bird with a cool hairdo essentially.
  2. Brands of coffee matter.  Just like ketchups.  Trying to save a buck or two can compromise flavour, enjoyment and overall brain power.  I tried, lesson learned.  Where’s the happiness in this you may ask?  In buying brand name again and reaffirming it’s goodness afterward.  Mmmm morning coffee.
  3. I have forgot the wonder that accompanies getting a splinter…  By wonder I mean pain and fear of removing it.  I have been reminded during this past week of what it’s like.  How can that possibly make someone happy?  Happy when I finally took it out I guess.  It also meant I was outside, so that’s something.
  4. Being able to sit outside.  This ties into the woodpecker and splinter mentions.  Because without sitting outside I would have missed both of those.  The nice weather we had this week allowed for this.  It also allowed for me to see a rabbit in the neighbors yard.  Triple win.
  5. Knowing that I’m going to eat cake tomorrow… it didn’t even happen yet, and just the thought of it has been enough.  Looking forward to a food indulgence day!

It’s the little things indeed.  It’s funny how you can feel generally happy but when you try to find specific instances that made you feel that way it all of the sudden gets hard.  And then you start to question the legitimacy of your happiness… or maybe that’s just me.  In any case, I’ve got myself fooled if it’s not true!

Happy Friday!



9 thoughts on “Things I’m Grateful for This Week #2

  1. I think that the more you practice with the little things, the more abundant happiness generally seems. Keep it up! Love that you’ve spent time outside this week; hasn’t the weather been glorious? It’s definitely enriching for the soul. And I hope you’re going to enjoy a mug of branded coffee with that cake haha! Thanks for joining the link up 🙂

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  2. It makes a big difference to me being outside (though it’s been v soggy in manchester this week). Also good coffee matters – if I have to drink horrible coffee somewhere it puts a right damper on my day. Love bec – ps I’ve nipped over from ‘on the fringe’ link up

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