The Feline Files – A Bout of Boxing

In this episode of the feline files we watch the cats in a rare moment of brotherly bonding.  If you missed any of the previous 6 episodes you can catch up here.

FFs 7.1

Harley – “Diesel I want you to get off this box this instant!”


FFs 7.2

Diesel – “Newp.  I’m afraid I can’t do that bro.”
Harley – “Probably because of your excessive corpulence!”
Diesel – “Definitely not going to get my fat self off of it now.”
Harley – “Fine, I’m activating my laser power!”


FFs 7.3

Harley – “It’s activating, I’m almost fully charged!  I’m warning you!”
Diesel – “We both know you’re not going to use that in here.  I’m still not getting up.”


FFs 7.4

Harley – “Whatever…  Just, get off me.  These games you play are immature.  You’re crushing me.”


FFs 7.5

Diesel – “Sure, what’s the magic word?”
Harley – “I’m not doing this simpleton.”


FFs 7.6

Diesel – “Fine, smell this.”


FFs 7.7

Harley – “That’s disgusting!  I don’t want to know where that was.  That’s enough get off me!”
Diesel – *laughing*


FFs 7.8

Harley – “Look Diesel, I’m serious.  You’re crushing me.”
Diesel – “Magic word?”
Harley – “Fine, can you please remove yourself from this box so I can resume breathing?”


FFs 7.9

Diesel – “I’m not sure I believed that.  Ask again.  Nicer.  You’re not very good at hiding the rage in your eyes.”


FFs 7.10

Harley – “Diesel, would it be possible for you to please get off the box so I can get out and breathe properly?”
Diesel – “Kiss my foot.”
Harley – “That’s disgusting.  It smells.”
Diesel – “Kiss it and I’ll get off.  I’m not moving until you do it.”


FFs 7.11

Harley – “Speak of this to no one…”
Diesel – *snickering*


FFs 7.12

Diesel – “You’re kinda pretty from up here…”
Harley – “Oh, my, Goddddd, will you let me out now!?!”


FFs 7.13

Diesel – “Sure buddy.  No need for laser eyes.”


FFs 7.14

Harley – “I could vaporize you!”


FFs 7.15

Harley – “UNNGGGHHHH!!!  You frustrate me to no end!”


FFs 7.16

Harley – It’s kind of lonely here now though… 



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