Things I’m Grateful for This Week #3

Back again for a repeat round of gratitude for the week.  Also back again to join the link up with From the Fringe, hopefully that’s not weird…  Not expressed in the list below, but I am glad that I noticed the nice weather in last week’s post, because it was sure gone most of this week!  Rain is necessary though in order to help the trees finish sprouting their leaves and filling the scenes with more green for me to enjoy.  Because it’s all for me…  just kidding.  So here we go,

Things I’m grateful for this week:

  • My resolve.  Why did I notice this?  For not having a freak-out on the phone during 4 separate stressful conversations in the same day.  Receiving forehead-slap-worthy information/responses to inquiries, all the while hearing the voice in my head saying, “you’re kidding me, you’ve got to be f@#*ing kidding me”.  I was at times feeling swindled, and wondered if I was actually being pranked due to the frustrating circumstances of all of them.  Yet, still managing to remain polite, and I’ll admit, somewhat stunned while receiving and navigating through some quite baffling information.  Thank you resolve for being there, I will likely continue to need you on a very regular basis.
  • Spousal Smooshiness.  The support of my other half.  Stressful times have been abound and other half has maintained a stance of solidarity with me, thank you.  Also, thanks for taking me out for ice cream and pizza on my birthday : ) (If you read last week’s post I opted for ice cream instead of cake at the last minute but regret nothing!)
  • My house.  I’ve been a shut-in of sorts for about 6 months now and have been thankful for the placement of my house during this time.  Not to be all braggy and annoying, because being a shut-in is totally worth bragging about… but more so to recognize that I notice and appreciate this about my house in spite of my shut-in-ness.  The location of my house offers a very lovely view and I am lucky to have large picture windows in my living room/dining room area to easily see this view.  Every morning when I see it I give it some kind of mental compliment.  Being able to see nature so easily can be very soothing when things are stressful.
  • Donna Tartt for writing “The Goldfinch”.  This is just awesome, it is the best-written thing I’ve read in a long time (unlike the not so beautifully written sentence I just wrote about beautiful writing…).  I’ve read a lot of enjoyable and entertaining books during this past year especially, but this is in a separate category of writing.  This is the first novel I’ve read by her and look forward to immersing myself in two other Tartt books I just received from other half as a gift.
  • Obligatory Family Blog Props.  And last but not least, my mother saying she likes my blog… lol, thanks ma.


Happy Friday!  Thanks for reading : )

P.S.  Any books that have wowed your literary appreciation socks off?  If anyone reading this has any recommendations for books in the same category of the above mentioned writing prowess please feel free to pass it on.



2 thoughts on “Things I’m Grateful for This Week #3

  1. Lovely to have you joining in again, Jenn! It sounds like your resolve came in very handy; I felt stressed just reading about your stressful day! Well done you for handling it so smoothly. It’s always nice when you’ve got somebody at home to support you in feeling better too. I love that you wrote about your view; things like this are often the tiny things I feel most grateful for so it’s nice that other people do too! Glad you had a great week 🙂 xx

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