Things I’m Grateful for This Week #4

Good ‘Ole Faithful this theme is turning out to be for my post content.  It’s good for the mindset though I have to say.  I had a prepared a draft earlier in the week for a different post I was going to upload and then just felt silly about it later.  I was feeling frustrated and ranty about some stress related to insurance company brew haha, but then Manchester happened, and then I felt petty.  Because yes, I’m having some troubles with getting my money approved and life stressors are happening for me.  But you know what, none of my family members or friends just died in a senseless bombing while they thought they were out for what was supposed to be an evening of fun at a concert.  I’ll get my stuff sorted out.  At least I’m around and able to work on it.

Situations like Manchester make me reflect on life, as they probably do for many others.  Things can be taken from us at almost any time.  I can make this personal and say health, objects, financial freedom, people and physical abilities.  I can make this existential and say hope, meaning, purpose, identity and connections.  What I can’t do is feel good about complaining when there are certainly bigger issues going on than my personal problems.

So in order to not dwell on my personal, and mostly situational problems I’ll admit, I will take a step back and look at my life in the third person to take stock of things that I’m grateful for this week, however big or small.  Here we go.

Things I’m grateful for this week:

  • General wherewithal.  Having the wherewithal to change my mindset for this week and not get stuck in some rant-fueled funk.  Recognizing the state I was in for what it was and choosing to change it up.
  • Warmer temperatures.  This is great because it allows for some time outside.  Where I live winter is easily 6 if not 7 months long and just too cold, for me anyway, to do much other than mandatory commuting and snow removal.  Relish the spring and summer!
  • Blooming trees.  Other half can attest to this, “Look at all the green”.  I don’t express enthusiasm about much but I do when things look green, and all the blooming trees fill the views with much more green for me to see and state the obvious about.
  • Breathing and thinking ahead.  Taking a breath and not freaking out on someone I was frustrated with which in the end allowed me to get an alliance and some help for an action step towards solving my petty problem.
  • Soothing sounds.  Being able to hear the birds outside and listening to music.  Just appreciating certain sounds in general.  I’m much more sensitive to it than I realize or care to admit I think.

Now I plan to take my newfound attitude adjustment outside to take in a few of the things I just mentioned.  Happy Friday and thanks for reading!

P.S.  Ever wonder what all those birds outside are saying..?




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