When You Want Your Cupcakes to be Muffins

1 And from my garbage you can easily examine my eating habits. When you want your cupcakes to be muffins.  What does this mean exactly?  I don't even really know to be honest.  But that's what fell out of my head when I said just sit here and write something.  It's probably because I know … Continue reading When You Want Your Cupcakes to be Muffins


The Feline Files – Personal Space

I find myself unable to attain privacy today.  Despite my stubborn nature, I have had to compromise in order to not give up my favourite napping spot on the couch.  I have very carefully cultivated this spot over time due to it's prolonged exposure to the daytime sun.  The human was impervious to my death … Continue reading The Feline Files – Personal Space

Things I’m Grateful for This Week #6

1 Greetings Friday readers.  Back to the same ole same, ole this week.  Gratitude it is.  It's good for you, like vegetables.  Also like vegetables sometimes it can make you uncomfortable while you're digesting it.  But once it's processed both your colon and your soul are happy and cleansed.  Wow, that got weird quick… so … Continue reading Things I’m Grateful for This Week #6