The Feline Files – Cupboard of Solitude

Today I find myself wanting to be alone, to be sheltered.  I seek privacy and solitude.  It seems that Diesel would like the exact opposite and has been following me around the house as I try to find a suitable meditation area to refocus.  Thus far I have tried to lay down in the following areas:  the sectional, the pillow on the settee under the window, the sunbeams on the floor in the dining room, under the dining room table, on a stool in the kitchen and in the bathroom on the towel I carefully placed on the floor below the rail it was hanging on.  All attempts being matched with Diesel’s unwanted presence once I started to settle.  I was unable to try any locations downstairs due to the humans leaving the door closed, resulting in my blocked access and growing frustration.

Diesel’s codependent behavior has forced me to be creative.  I am seeking absolute silence in order to properly enter a trance-like state that will allow for the amount of transcendence I need.  I have decided this morning that my life focus will be on becoming the higher-level being that only I am capable of.  In order to achieve this I will need to intensely meditate on a frequent basis.  And in order to meditate properly I will need quiet and privacy.

I need to find somewhere that I can separate myself from Diesel and his incessant cuddling and mouth breathing.  I’m certain he has a sinus condition.  The snoring, drooling and bubble-blowing disgusts me.  If only he would take the time to focus on himself to heal these ailments.  Transcendence is obviously something he’s not capable of.

Enough mental energy wasted on him.  I need to concentrate on a location that will facilitate my meditation needs.  I decide to take a stroll around the upstairs to see what I can come up with.  Starting at the end of the hallway I check every nook and cranny.  The bedroom doors are firmly shut, I check each of them by pushing with my paw to make sure.  The bathroom is open but Diesel likes to spend time in there, out of the question.  The small closet is firmly closed as well.  Hmmm.  No more doors to try, or is there?  Aha!  The kitchen cupboards.   It would have to be somewhere that Diesel wouldn’t have access to.  If he were to see me go in he would surely follow.

I haven’t been in the cupboards before I’ll admit.  I’ve tried to open the door where my food is stored, but alas, lacking thumbs I was unable to manipulate it successfully.  I’ll try something different today.  If it is a goal of mine to achieve becoming a higher-level being, accomplishing this task will demonstrate surely my worthiness.  Only a creature of superior intelligence would be able to open the cupboards without thumbs.

I make my way into the kitchen and scan the cupboards.  I am keenly looking for any details that I could use.  Then I notice it.  The cupboard door in the corner is slightly ajar.  This was meant to be.  One of the humans must have failed to shut it entirely in their morning haste.  I nimbly jump onto the counter and feel excited as I take a closer look.  Yes, it is slightly open.  I easily use a paw to push it open further.  This will do perfectly.  There is even a space on the lower shelf where I can sit without rearranging any objects that are inside.  I place myself in the cupboard and feel proud as I look out into the kitchen.


This will do wonderfully.  Except, in the heat of my enthusiasm I used too much force when opening the door.  I have access but no privacy.  Maybe it will be enough.  Hopefully Diesel doesn’t come into the kitchen and notice me sitting here.  If so he will surely feel compelled to join me.  I can’t worry about that right now.  I have to take advantage of this opportunity and begin my meditation practice.

I keep myself seated in a tall and proud position and close my eyes.  I clear my thoughts and slow my breathing.  As I slowly take deep breaths in and out I become very aware of my surroundings on a totally different level.  My breathing continues like this and I let myself be fully present.  I am noticing sounds and smells that I was previously unaware of.  I hear the sounds of birds and cars outside, the buzzing of electronics and appliances in the house, and Diesel breathing off in the distance.  I begin to take in the smells of, something, something I’m not quite familiar with.  What is that?  It smells like, like, snacks…


Even a transcendent being requires nourishment.

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