Things I’m Grateful for This Week #5


I was a bit of a cognitive failure last week and didn’t continue my trend of weekly gratitude posts.  I chose the meme way out instead.  But no regrets, I laughed out loud to the foolishness that those memes provided.  I’m back on the trolley this week with another list of the little things that I took notice of as they helped to bring some sunshine into my life.  So here were are:

  • Getting our fire permit.  Getting the permit approved happened quickly and easily once I actually started the process.  Backyard fires, background music and slightly charred food items are on their way.  Add in a hint of wine and that background music might meet the foreground of some poorly sung-along songs, referring to myself only of course.   Don’t worry neighbors we’ll keep things down to a respectable murmur, I hope.
  • Spray Nine and Dawn.  Why?  For getting the outside of the trailer cleaned up so easily, all the while putting my last year’s end-of-season elbow-grease-cleaning attempts to shame.  They were useless attempts and make me question what the heck I must have been doing because it looked filthy this year when we opened it up.  Thank you to the grease fighting power of Dawn for cleaning up my incompetence.
  • Ice cream.  You are wonderful.  Not too much else has to be said, you are creamy, cold and delicious.  You are the things dreams and food porn are made of.  I look forward to your company far too often, and probably think about you far too often in general.
  • Lactaid.  You allow me to eat ice cream without dying.  This is very important to me, thank you.  And probably also quite important to those around me…  because despite the death symptoms I wouldn’t be likely stop eating ice cream anyway.  Thanks for enabling me lactaid.
  • Advil Cold & Sinus.  For assisting my prescription allergy meds in dealing with my sinuses’ wanting to explode from my face during this time of pollen and bloom.  The trees and flowers are beautiful but my body perceives your fertilization-seeking process as sort of acid in the air.  At least that’s how it feels inside my face.  Thanks Advil C&S for the boost, one should not perceive air as razor blades whilst breathing.

I don’t mean to sound like product ads but, hey, props go where props are due.  Yes these things may seem small and insignificant but it’s about noticing the small things and appreciating them sometimes.  It’s the sum of small things that add up to either a pile of happy or a pile a manure.  It can go either way, but I choose to see the happy pile this week.  Any other shameless product promotions or list of small things recognized as harbingers of happiness this week?  Feel free to share.

Happy Friday!



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