The Feline Files – Deliberations of Diesel


Sometimes life can seem overwhelming.  It can fee like you’re caught in an oppressive trap with no sign of escape.  The weight of the world comes crushing down on you, making it hard to breathe.  You realize all of the things you wish you were, all of the things you wish you did.  All the what-if’s and other possibilities your life could’ve been dance through your head.  If only I made different decisions, took more chances, listened to my intuition more…

My life is full of missed opportunities and hints of all that I could have been.  I spent most of my life just sticking to what was comfortable, what came easy.  I never wanted to take risks or rock the boat fearing that I would only upset others in the process.  I let myself become a housecat, even though I know my calling is to be outside, wild and free.  I could have excelled as a mouser, a hunter-elite.

Instead I let myself be kept indoors, cuddled and coddled by people.  A slave to their offerings and adorations.  What kind of life is this?  What purpose could a cat like me possibly have living in this kind of situation?  If only it felt like there was some deeper purpose to my existence.


But then I remember that there is…


To look dashingly handsome.  Meow baby.


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