Things I’m Grateful for This Week #6


Greetings Friday readers.  Back to the same ole same, ole this week.  Gratitude it is.  It’s good for you, like vegetables.  Also like vegetables sometimes it can make you uncomfortable while you’re digesting it.  But once it’s processed both your colon and your soul are happy and cleansed.  Wow, that got weird quick… so best to move on quickly because evidently I’m in a weird headspace right now.  Here we go!

What am I grateful for this week?

Flavoured soft serve ice cream.  This is a wonderful idea that feeds my stress-eating problems and may contribute also to me ending up in the poor house.  Although lately I’ve been consistently sticking to ‘S’mores’ flavour, there are many to choose from and you can mix and match.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to try this GO FIND SOMEWHERE THAT YOU CAN.  It is essential.  Yes, I realize, and you may too if you’ve read a few of these gratitude posts, that it seems I have a serious problem with ice cream.  I know.  But it brings joy and deliciousness and deserves all of the credit I give it, she says pouting with arms folded as she stomps her foot.

The forgiveness of my bathroom scale.  I haven’t been eating the best lately, as the above mentioned item alludes to, admittedly due to stress.  My diet has consisted mainly of pepperettes, cheese sticks, coffee, flavoured popcorn and too much ice cream.  And yet, I haven’t gained weight.  One of the great mysteries of the universe I suppose.  I would like to thank you scale for giving me a break during this time.  I’ll buy you an ice cream later.

Our trailer and it’s makers.  For some reason my mind was fixed on wanting to use the line “the good people at ….such and such”, hmmm.  The good people at Jayco for making our travel trailer will hopefully satisfy that urge.  This lite weight and portable homestead allows us to enjoy the sights and smells of a variety of locations all summer long when it’s not looking handsome in the driveway awaiting it’s next destination.  As our bodies start to refine themselves with age, this item has been much appreciated compared to a tent and ever-deflating air mattresses as it provides both a comfortable sleep and protection from animals/elements.  Thank you Jayco, *wink*.


The plethora of online memes.  I wanted to look up adorable animal memes.  I swear, that’s all I wanted to do.  Meanwhile… much time later I got hooked on squirrel memes.  And that led to other specific animal memes, which then got me thinking what would animals like to interview us about if they could… and then I stopped because I started to worry about myself.  But how else could I bombard you with a few of my findings?

Happy Friday everyone, sending good vibes and silly memes out to you.





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