The Feline Files – Personal Space

I find myself unable to attain privacy today.  Despite my stubborn nature, I have had to compromise in order to not give up my favourite napping spot on the couch.  I have very carefully cultivated this spot over time due to it’s prolonged exposure to the daytime sun.  The human was impervious to my death glares and choose to lay there regardless of my threats.  This has left me with the option of laying atop one of the human’s midsections in order to absorb the sun’s rays.  Although it prevents me from having this particular space on the couch to myself, I allow the compromise because of it’s alternative benefits.  The human’s under-defined midsection provides additional softness and warmth which only adds to my comfort, I still win.

I’m not the only one who finds this spot appealing evidently.  Diesel has been eyeing my movements since this territorial battle has begun.  I choose to ignore his lingering presence as he watched from the coffee table and slowly but surely approached.  No matter, I shall ignore him and finally get to sleep I thought, until…





He seems to not appreciate the extent of the efforts and personal struggle that I’ve had to endure in order to have this space.  Blast him and his boundary-less attitude.  My twitches and attempts to shift my position have been thwarted by his unrelenting and crushing presence.  Crushing, and yet soft.  And warm.  And somehow soothing.


Oh bother, or I could just give in and finally go to sleep.


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2 thoughts on “The Feline Files – Personal Space

    • Thanks for the visit. I’m relatively new and haven’t had the opportunity to do a guest post before but would love to give it a try sometime! I just visited your blog and this looks right up my alley… is it sad that I want to say “alley cat that is..”ugh

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