The Feline Files – One for the Ladies


Hey girls…

I know a lot of you are out there looking for a tall, dark and handsome.  Don’t be a slave to the cliché.  Why not try snuggly, grey-white and gorgeous?  If you’re into long naps on the couch, under the table, or just about anywhere really, I’ve got you covered.  Do you like staring out the window, attacking slippers or laying in sunbeams?  Me too.

I could easily spend the day purring you sweet nothings during a communal bath and cuddle session.  My hobbies include:  playing with toy mice, carrying a plastic ball around in my mouth, singing loudly, running out the front door, running to the back door, running to the laundry room door, having conversations with humans, requesting to be picked up and carried, opening closets and coughing up hairballs.

I bet you’ve been lonely for far too long.  I know I have.  So why don’t we spend some time together? Your human’s place or mine?

Diesel XOXO



If you’re interested in reading the previous episodes of The Feline Files click here to go The Feline Files page.


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