The Education of Life

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The inspiration for this post came from sending pity to a fellow blogger whom I enjoy to follow.  He has done a more eloquently written post along the same ‘negative luck’ theme.  Please go visit him and tell him stories about your life… I don’t know if he wants that, but at least visit his site anyway.  You can see his post here –> Tales from the Land Manatee.

I’m not sure if it is ‘bad luck’, what is that technically, bad luck?  Hmmmff.  But there’s always something to deal with in my life.  I don’t want to go on about my first world, white collar problems, oh wait, I do, that’s what this post is for.  Never mind.  So yes, back to my self-indulgence.

Reading my fellow blogger’s post sort of triggered a running list of s#@t that has occurred in the last year or so.  I will refer to these instances patronizingly as “learning opportunities”.

During the last year or so I have learned the following:

  • How to get a new fridge
  • How to get a new stove
  • How to get a new washing machine
  • How to get a new car due to the passing of it’s predecessor (not the first one I’ve purchased, but it was in the mix and was it’s own unique experience that I don’t ever want to repeat again)
  • How to hook up a battery to a backup sump pump
  • How to get a new sump pump
  • How to get a dryer repaired
  • How to get a dishwasher repaired
  • How to get a fireplace fan/motor replaced
  • How to get another replacement for a dud lawn tractor battery (3rd battery in 3 years)
  • How to purchase a cane
  • How to get a new couch
  • How to watch your other couch develop a psoriasis-like condition and save up for a second replacement couch
  • How to watch your gazebo canopy disintegrate during attempted dismantling for winter storage
  • How to cancel your cable TV
  • How to get a cello bow repaired
  • How to tell the service desk at the car dealer that everyone in your household with a driver’s license hates the new car that’s there for servicing, again
  • How to wonder if your cat is dying
  • How to deal with car insurance after being rear-ended in an intersection
  • How to get a chip repaired in a windshield after it gets hit with something that flew off a logging truck
  • How to watch an escaped dog you’re supposed to be watching for someone experience a state of full-on existential bliss when it dashes out of the house and runs like the wind with absolute abandon, closer and closer to on coming traffic as it gradually increases the circumference of it’s psychotic laps, all the while maintaining eye contact with your useless screaming face
  • There was a new bed for someone in there too, and possibly more but at this point I should probably quit…

As you can see there’s been loads of learning.


There were also some other experiences that have been less sarcastic and legitimately enjoyable that I’d like to give an honorable mention to:

  • The joy of throwing heavy objects into the bins at the dump, probably more satisfying than it should be
  • Finding lots of things to watch on Netflix (I haven’t been much of a TV watcher in my life and am probably years behind on Netflix, even though I’ve had it forever…)
  • The satisfaction of the lawn tractor starting immediately after getting a functioning battery and then finally using it to mow the lawn
  • The cat is still alive, he’s a bit of a stage 5 clinger, but he’s here to do it

It hasn’t been entirely bad, just a lot of things happening.  That’s mostly just stuff related to physical objects, never mind anything related to people and events.  Alas, I won’t be getting into any of that mumbo jumbo (see what I did there Other Half *winks) without a plethora of disclaimers, which means I just won’t.  But what I WILL do is share another fresh learning experience with you.  Recently on a road trip I discovered that an area about 2 hours West of me has the beautiful and delicate turkey vulture as a resident.  I learned this by watching a pair of them ripping apart a large carcass on the side of the road, and then a third walking along the highway.

Nature can be so beautiful…



Happy Friday!

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4 – I seriously don’t have a legitimate link for this to reference, but it’s everywhere!?!



2 thoughts on “The Education of Life

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Dang, that’s quite the list you’ve got there. Sorry to hear about the state of your cat. My friend had a cat that held on so long she began (lovingly) referring to it as her zombie cat. And I can totally sympathize with the dog incident as I had something similar happen once. As far as repairing a window chip, I’ve got several and bought a kit to try and do the repairs myself — which I still haven’t gotten around to and now seems like a terrible idea.

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