The Extravagant Exchange Marketplace

  Sorry, I was in sort of an obnoxious and hyperbole-inducing mood.  Apologies for any offense. The Extravagant Exchange Marketplace Welcome to The Extravagant Exchange Marketplace where we provide a unique and gastronomically insightful lunch experience.  Come and experience emotional fulfillment during a lunch session.  Return in the evenings for group activity participation and skill-building … Continue reading The Extravagant Exchange Marketplace


Blog Birthday, Blog-iversary?

Happy First Birthday to my blog!  I started my blog on Feb 27, 2017 and it shockingly still exists.  At the time of it's inception I felt a bit desperate, lonely, worried, and just stressed in general. 1 I had been off work for almost 4 months at the time.  Starting a blog was an … Continue reading Blog Birthday, Blog-iversary?