Noir Notes – Murder Me to Shostakovich

This week I was feeling a little "Noir-y", "Noir-ish", "Noir-ishy"?  I'm not sure… and decided to just let that happen.  As a result, this blurb was born.  So, today I bring you 'Noir Notes'.  Put on your pessimistic, fatalist hats and peruse. Murder me to Shostakovich. She was smoking when I arrived, it was after … Continue reading Noir Notes – Murder Me to Shostakovich


Conspicuous Classifieds

1 Greetings readers.  Today I have for you a selection of completely fake want ads that I have created during episodes requiring the filling of my time this week.  Why?  Not sure really.  Hope you enjoy. Conspicuous Classifieds: Wanted:  Male, 4"6 - 5"8, any racial background.  Must be comfortable crawling into small spaces.  Strong interest … Continue reading Conspicuous Classifieds

The Feline Files – An Energetic Imposter

I'm not sure what's with Diesel today.  The energy in the house has been strange and I've been unsettled since the humans woke this morning.  Their actions haven't been anything out of the ordinary from their usual mundane and simple routines, they filed out the door this morning as always.  They're not the source.  I've … Continue reading The Feline Files – An Energetic Imposter

Things I’m Grateful for This Week #6

1 Greetings Friday readers.  Back to the same ole same, ole this week.  Gratitude it is.  It's good for you, like vegetables.  Also like vegetables sometimes it can make you uncomfortable while you're digesting it.  But once it's processed both your colon and your soul are happy and cleansed.  Wow, that got weird quick… so … Continue reading Things I’m Grateful for This Week #6