The Fire of Fury

Continuing on with some dark-themed #flashfiction this week. * A spark.  I'm not sure if that's how it started.  It could have been a particle ejected from an underlying and ever-present passion.  Was it so intense to make it passion?  Either way, we both burned to the ground. It was the catalyst for the events … Continue reading The Fire of Fury


The Birth of Blood Lust

A horror short for this week. P.S.  Ma, try not to worry about my mental state…  I'm watching too much dark tv I guess. The Birth of Blood Lust * As I take myself away from the scene I realize that my intestinal fortitude won't keep up with my ambition, both in the literal and … Continue reading The Birth of Blood Lust

The Feline Files – An Energetic Imposter

I'm not sure what's with Diesel today.  The energy in the house has been strange and I've been unsettled since the humans woke this morning.  Their actions haven't been anything out of the ordinary from their usual mundane and simple routines, they filed out the door this morning as always.  They're not the source.  I've … Continue reading The Feline Files – An Energetic Imposter